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Steve’s Random Top 5 Skylanders

A while ago, I found a Skylander figure thing called Eye-Brawl, which quickly became one of my favorite things in the world. He wasn’t enough to convince me to actually play Skylanders, but he looks really nice on my shelf.

That being said, he opened up my eye (dear lord, I love accidental puns) to the world of these awesome plastic creatures, and I discovered that a lot of them are pretty badass. Here are my favorites that I’ve discovered on random trips to random stores.

5.) Thumpback


OK, so I should go into this article assuring Skylanders fans that I know absolutely nothing about the Skylanders universe. I don’t know the plot, who the characters actually are, nothing. This is all just me judging action figures by their covers.

Anyways, anyone remember when Cloverfield's monster hadn't been revealed yet, and everyone was drawing up their own awesome theories as to what the monster could've possibly looked like? One of the fan interpretations was this awesome mutated whale, and Thumpback here looks like it’s kid. The anchor weapon clearly indicated that he’s the lovechild of that Cloverfield monster and Ruby Heart from Marvel vs Capcom 2. 

4.) Swarm


I’m not a fan of bees, wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, or anything yellow that flies and stings. That being said, just look at Swarm. Look at him, look at his pose, and tell me he’s not a Bronze Age Teen Titans villain.

That’s actually why he’s on my list, guys. He looks like he could be a supervillain, who controls bees from The Hive, which would be a lot like The Monarch’s Floating Cocoon, only beehive-themed.

3.) Drill Sergeant 


Guys, I love drills and drill-themed things. I blame my obsession with objects that bore through the planet on Rock Raiders, a LEGO theme from 1999 that also sparked my obsession with LEGO.

Not much to say about this guy except, oh yeah, he’s a robot made out of drills! He drills things! And his catch phrase is “Licensed to drill!” No, this guy deserves to be on my list.

2.) Double Trouble


If it were up to me, this guy’s name would be Mumbo Jumbo and would have the ability to transform bear- and/or bird-themed Skylanders into dinosaurs or washing machines. 

Yeah, he’s on my list because I loved Mumbo Jumbo from the Banjo-Kazooie games on the N64. He was my all-time favorite, and this guy looks like he could fit the mold.

Holy crap, remember when you could play as Mumbo Jumbo in Banjo-Tooie? Seriously, I love those games so much…

1.) Ignitor


OK, so just to catch you guys up, Eye-Brawl reminded me of Ocula, Thumpback reminded me of Cloverfield, Swarm reminded me of The Monarch, Drill Sergeant reminded me of Rock Raiders, and Double Trouble reminded me of Mumbo Jumbo.

Keeping with that theme, this dude so clearly reminded me of Burning Leo from Kirby Superstar. He’s a knight that’s basically fire with metal armor on, attacking with a sword of flames. 

Reread that last sentence and just try telling me that that’s not impossibly cool.

The only problem is that they totally missed out on an “Ig-knight-or” pun there…oh well.

Anyways, that’s my Top 5. Again, these are the only ones that I saw in stores, so don’t message me saying “DJC YOU TOTALLY FORGOT TRIBBLECLUFF!!” or whatever. 

That being said, who are your favorite Skylanders?

In other news, May Madness is almost over!

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DJC loves Eye-Brawl

Alright, guys. I caved.

A while ago, I wrote this article about toys I would’ve played with if I were a child today. In said article, I mentioned Skylanders, and acknowledged that it was a money-grabbing scheme tailor made for kids.

Think about this: What made like Beanie Babies so popular? Kids love to collect things. What made Tamogatchi popular? Kids love to collect monsters. What made Pokemon so popular? Kids love collecting monsters in video games. The reason Skylanders is such an enormous hit is because it’s collecting monsters in video gamesby purchasing toys, thus perfecting the business strategy what every child could ever want in anything ever.

I have absolutely nothing against Skylanders. As I mentioned in my article, if I were a kid today, I would be all over these things. And why not? I’m a sucker or collecting monsters, and some of them look downright awesome. Still, it was never something I wanted to invest time or money into, simply because I’m turning 23 years old this year and have more important things to spend my hard-earned money on than plastic figurines with computer chips inside of them.

Until I found Eye-Brawl.


Guys, what is it about monster eyeballs? I can never get enough of them. They’re the perfect combination of creepy, cute, and cool, and I may have a slight obsession that goes all the way back to Ocula from Small Soldiers. 

I think it’s because it’s hard to screw up an eyeball. You can easily screw up, say, a vampire or a zombie, but an eyeball is an eyeball. It’s got this unnerving elegance to it, and…oh, hell, I don’t know, I just like eyeballs. So much so that I use them as “stars” in my reviews.

(For more on my bizarre obsession with eyeball-related stuff, click here and/or here)

Anyways, back to Eye-Brawl, the greatest Skylander to ever exist!


Technically, he’s a Skylander Giant, which apparently means he’s bigger, stronger, and twice as expensive as a regular Skylander. This is perfectly fine by me, because just look at him in all his glory.

See that suit he’s wearing? How badass is that? It looks like it’s made out of some old-timey iron or something, which is totally rad. Maybe it’s a suit passed down from one generation of Eye-Brawlers to another? Maybe this Eye-Brawl built it in a cave with a box of scraps? Who knows and who cares? It’s awesome nonetheless.

So you’re probably asking yourself “I wonder what he looks like without the armor? Is he just some lanky cyclops? Is his entire body covered in eyes? What’s his deal?”

Well, let me tell you his deal, friends.


See those wings? Those are only attached to the eye. Which means that Eye-Brawl is a giant flying eyeball with bat wings. He just uses the armor to, you know, sucker punch baddies in the freaking face,

Eye-Brawl comes with a stat card, that I think says he’s crazy strong offensively and defensively, but he’s not the fastest Giant on campus and has Peter Parker luck. That’s OK, Eye-Brawl. So do I.

Oh, he also comes with stickers. Stickers! According to the cartoon instructions, I’m supposed to put them on the stat card or whatever, but I’m not about to waste these stickers like that. I could put these anywhere! Anywhere!

I know nothing of Eye-Brawl’s origin, nor his place in the Skylanders universe. For all I know, he’s an anti-hero who only helps to save the day when it’s to his benefit. Like a one-eyed and more badass Han Solo. Yeah, I said it: a more badass Han Solo.


Oh, also, the skull on his platform totally glows in the dark. Bitchin’.


I really hope that this doesn’t start an obsession like the Daryl Dixon Funko Pop! Vinyl figure did. I can’t afford to start collecting Skylanders. It’s just that…they’re so detailed and well-made and they look so freaking nice on my shelf…

Anyways, yeah…if I keep spending this much money during May Madness, I’m going to have to file for bankruptcy before my Halloween Countdown… 


Oh, and I’ve also obviously made Eye-Brawl the king of all eyes. That is all.

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OK, so I’ve been very vocal about my love for the Rayman Origins game. It was the perfect sidescrolling experience, the graphics were nothing short of beautiful, and it was a game that was just downright fun. A sequel has always seemed pretty improbable, however, since Origins didn’t fare too well on the market, despite the early price drop and amazing critical reviews.

Well, guess what just leaked?

Rayman Legends looks like it picks up exactly where Origins left off. There’s the same addicting multiplayer, brand new crazy environments, and the hand-drawn graphics looks even more jaw-dropping! This time around, there are new characters (the only one confirmed so far is the adorable Betilla the Nymph), new online modes (finally), and a bunch of new minigames.

But there are two other very interesting things shown in the trailer. The first is a glimpse at the WiiU (dear lord, Nintendo, change that name) in action, using it’s tablet-like controller to move parts of the environment around. It looks like an interesting concept: three players use the TV screen while the forth uses the tablet controller. I can’t say I’ve heard a lot about the WiiU (I’m kind of anti-next-gen at this point), but this looks like a pretty innovative controller. At least, more innovative that the Wii-mote…

The second interesting piece is what appears to be a Skylanders-esque peripheral that scans toys and puts them into the game. When I first saw the kid grab a Rabbids toy, I nearly flipped. “No!” I shouted at my computer screen. “Keep your damned Rabbids out of my side-scrolling Rayman games!” Fortunately, I saw that they became enemies and you got to punch the everloving crap out of them. This pleased me.

However, as the Back to the Future overture grew louder and louder (Seriously, what was up with that? I mean, I adore Back to the Future, but what’s Silvestri’s score doing in a trailer for a Rayman game?), the kid grew tired of beating up Rabbids and reached for a…an Ezio action figure?!

Dammit, Ubisoft, I’m playing right into your hands! 

Anyways, I’m pretty excited for this. Hell, just knowing that a sequel to Rayman Origins was coming would’ve been enough, and I get this epic trailer thrown my way! Happy birthday to me!

tl;dr - learn to read, and Rayman Legends trailer is awesome.

Message me: what did you think of this trailer? Does it get you pumped? What are you most excited about?

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