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Throwback Thursday: “Mew Appreciation Post (The End of an Era)”


So apparently Thursdays in the world of social media are now “Throwback Thursdays”, in which people post “OMG SO EMBARRASSING” things from their past.

Since I’ve got quite a few “OMG NOT SO MUCH EMBARRASSING BUT ACTUALLY KIND OF LEGIT” posts on my old blog, Thursdays will be spent reblogging them for a new audience. 

On this fine Thursday, we explore the concept of Mew, what it is, what it was, and what it currently represents in gaming. 


On May 25th, 1977, the world experienced a phenomenon in the form of Star Wars.


It took the country, then the world, by storm, creating a multimedia craze the likes of which had never been seen before. I remember thinking as a kid that I would never be able to experience something that culturally monumental in my lifetime.


Then 1998 rolled around, and I saw these weird Who Framed Roger Rabbit-styled commercials for a game called Pokemon. A lot of you younger readers might be thinking “the rest is history”, but you don’t know the half of it. This was something huge that I haven’t seen since. Pokemon cards were sold out at every store and traded everywhere, from school playgrounds to office buildings. The show was watched by the entire family, the manga books flew off the shelves. And the games…dear lord, the games.


This was before the internet became “The Internet”, before game cheats or character designs were leaked months in advance. We had rumors, magazines, and our friends, none of which were reliable. Marill was named “Pikablue.” You could fight Professor Oak after you beat the game. You could move the truck in Vermillion City and catch the enigmatic Mew.


These games came at the perfect time: right before the internet blew up. And we clung onto any and all information we could find, piecing together what little we had, which somehow made it all the more exciting.


Nowadays, Pokemon is still Pokemon, no matter what anyone says. I don’t care if you’re playing Blue or Black, you’re still catching creatures in red and white balls, fighting gym leaders, and trying to catch ‘em all. I recently played Black version myself, and was pleasantly surprised by how great it was, despite how lackluster I thought Generation IV was.


That being said, gamers today will never experience Pokemon in its truest form (in my opinion). I don’t want to try and start some sort of internet war, but the phenomenon is over. The games are still amazing, but the craze has died down. The glitches aren’t existent in the newer generations, and every single question can be answered by a quick Google search.

Basically, newer gamers will never experience Mew.


“Wait, Steve! We know all about Mew! I even have one in my game right now!”


Yeah. Exactly. Anyone can jump onto Nintendo’s Wi-Fi and trade someone overseas for a Mew. In 1998, we weren’t even sure Mew existed. All we had was a creature you couldn’t find until you beat the game, the all-powerful Mewtwo, to base our theories on. And we were all so busy surfing up and down the coast on Cinnabar Island to try and find it.


Finally, the movie came out. It was huge. The theaters were filled with kids hyped up on candy and pop, and even adults bought a ticket just to get their hands on the coveted “Promo” Pokemon cards. And we saw Mew, in its adorable glory, fighting off the second most powerful Pokemon to ever exist in an all-out brawl. And it was beautiful.


Since Mew, we’ve seen plenty of “super-rare, legendary” Pokemon try to copy the original #151’s intrigue. Some were pretty cool (Celebi, Jirachi, Victini), others not so much (Manaphy, Phione, Shaymin). But there has never been a Pokemon that has captured the curiosity of the world like Mew.


That being said, Mew kind of represents the end of an area. When Mew was around, kids had speculation and little else. Now, if you want Victini, stop by your friendly neighborhood GameStop and wait for a code. Not saying that one generation is better than the other, just that one is over and the other has already begun. A lot of things have changed in the past fourteen years, and Mew, to me, is a representation of those changes.


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DJC on Mackinac Island #8: Baxter’s Coin Shop

There are places I could spend entire days without getting bored. Nice little hidden treasure troves of nostalgic wonder. Countryside Antiques is one such place, as are Flipside Records and Warp 9 Comics. Today, I want to add one more location to that list: Baxter’s Coin Shop.


OK, so a little bit of history: Back in 1980, a film was shot on Mackinac Island starring Christopher “Superman” Reeves called Somewhere in Time. It’s a fun little sci-fi romance flick, and Baxter’s Coin Shop was originally created for the film.

After the film was a pretty OK success, the shop decided to stay open, keep the original name, and sell Somewhere in Time merchandise. However, as time when on, it started to sell even cooler wares.





It’s this perfect little hole-in-the-wall store that sells cheap, silly, nostalgic goodies of all shapes and sizes. So every single thing that I posted here was already perfect. How could it possibly get any better?


That’s a Funko Pop Two-Face!

Until that moment, I had never seen one in the wild like that before.

Yes, the Joker was standing right next to him (and you all know how I feel about The Joker), but you can find Joker Funko Pops almost anywhere. Two-Face? He’s impossible to find, even on the internet. The cheapest I’ve found him for was $40.

How much was Baxter’s Two-Face?


You bet your ass I bought him immediately.

Baxter’s Coin Shop is everything I love in a nerdy nostalgia shop. If you ever find yourself on Mackinac Island, I beg you to stop in and check it out.

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Burger King’s The Lost World Dino Eye Watch!

Alright, guys. This has been a long time coming, so let’s get this prehistoric ball rolling.

The Lost World: Jurassic Park was the highly anticipated sequel to one of the biggest blockbusters of the 90s. Of course fast food joints around the world are going to want to cash in on this.

Burger King did it best, of course, by selling a few choice wrist watches with their Happy Meals.


I don’t know what it was about the late 90s and early 2000s, but kids must’ve gone crazy for novelty Happy Meal watches, because Burger King was selling them like crazy. Starting with Jurassic Park, then Simpsons, then Star Wars…1995 through 2005 must’ve been the Watch Era, the same way 1985 through 1995 was the Drinking Glass Era.

It’s easier for me to understand Happy Meal toys if I put them into eras, you see.

Anyways, the very best of these Lost World watches was easily the one called “Dino Eye.” The band was all scaly and dinosaur skin-esque, and the face had this holographic raptor eye that was so totally boss.


Thanks to my good pal Jared, I once again have my hands on the once-coveted watch, and I couldn’t be happier. 


Look at this thing. Just look at it. 

Actually, don’t look at it. Click here and buy one for yourself, because trust me, you’ll want this bad boy around your wrist.


It’s glorious. It needs new batteries, which makes sense since the batteries inside are over a decade old, but it’s still glorious. I wish I had more to say about it, but it’s a watch with scaly bands and a holographic velociraptor iris on the face. If you want anything more, you’re reading the wrong blog.



My wonderful girlfriend visited me this past week, and she gave me this LEGO Star Wars watch with Yoda on the face!


You all know that I’m obsessed with LEGO, and Yoda is pretty damn rad, and the band is made out of LEGO bricks, so this makes me remarkably happy.


Which one to wear?

Why not both?


Aw yeah!

…I’m 23-years-old, guys, I swear it.

A super special thanks to JaredtheLeader and the beautiful AGirlwithHairlikeThis for making this article possible! They rock ultimate, and everyone reading this should follow them!

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Why Return of the Jedi Kicks Ass

Yesterday marked the 30th anniversary of Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. AKA, my favorite Star Wars flick of all time.


Apparently, everyone hates RotJ, which blows my mind. The infiltration of Jabba’s Palace? The speeder bike chase? The entire climax? It’s emotionally gripping, the action is the best the series has ever seen, and everything is wrapped up perfectly. How can people say that it sucks?

Oh. Right. People only seem to remember these guys:


In all honesty, the only reason this one is my favorite is because it’s the first one I ever saw as a kid. The horrors of Jabba’s Palace were the first things that introduced me to the Star Wars universe, and I never looked back.

It’s time to look back on this classic film, and remind everyone why it’s ever bit as amazing as New Hope and Empire. 

Read more …

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JJ Abrams: Hope or Menace?

Everyone and their mother messaged me yesterday, asking for my thoughts on JJ Abrams taking control of the new Star Wars trilogy. Honestly, I didn’t want to say anything, because I knew that the entire galaxy is divided between “Aw yeah!” and “Dear lord, no!”

So where does ol’ DJC stand in this debate?

DJC’s kinda pissed.


Let’s start at the beginning: Star Wars was the brainchild of a 29-year-old George Lucas. He was fresh out of film school, just finished production on American Graffiti, and his imagination was going a mile a minute. In a world where disaster films and raunchy comedies were dominating the box office, George Lucas wanted an old-school fantasy story under the guise of a space opera. He wanted robots and space ships and a towering villain named Darth Vader. It was all pretty improbable in 1975, when production began, but Lucas had a vision. He was a fresh new mind, and he was doing away with the old ways of Hollywood film making. He was paving the way for something new, and something epic.


Star Wars became a hit of monumental proportions, as did its two sequels. And George Lucas was on top of his world.

Of course, we all know how the rest of this story goes: Lucas fell to the Dark Side…or he became senile. He made the prequel trilogy, which was disappointing, to say the least (and we won’t even talk about the fourth Indiana Jones flick). Lucas’s vision was gone. He was no longer breaking barriers. Instead, he was crippled by his technology, letting special effects dominate story and character. 


Oh, how the mighty fell.

But wait! What’s that? Lucas’s insanity is about to pay off? He sold LucasFilm to Disney?! We’re getting a brand spankin’ new Star Wars trilogy?!?!?

The community of Star Wars fans exploded with speculation. What will these movies be about? Will the original stars, Hamill, Fisher, and Ford, make a triumphant return? What about Hayden Christensen (NO NO PLEASE IN THE NAME OF ALL THINGS SACRED NO)?


But the biggest question of all was…with the granddaddy of it all stepping down as the storyteller, who would direct?

Rumors bounced around for months. Brad Bird was supposedly involved at one point. Then Jon Favreau. Even Darren Aronofsky was rumored to be attached. I’ll let an Aronofsky-directed Star Wars sink in for a bit. Now, tell me how twisted that would’ve been.

Yeah, there were a lot of big, hotshot directors who could’ve made a phenomenal Star Wars flick. Frankly, I was stoked to hear that Brad Bird was considered. You guys have all seen The Incredibles and The Iron Giant, right? Yeah…him at the helm a Star Wars flick would’ve blown my freaking mind.


Instead? We get Abrams.


Now, admittedly, I can’t say much about Abrams. I’ve never seen Alias or Lost, and the only movie that he’s been attached to that I genuinely enjoyed was Cloverfield (and he didn’t direct that, did he?). But that doesn’t matter. You know why? Because I’ve seen his Star Trek.

"Whoa whoa whoa, Steve!" I can hear some of you shouting. "His Star Trek was phenomenal! How dare you criticize it!”

First off, calm your Trekkie boner. I’ve never been a big Star Trek fan. So, when I sat down and watched Abrams reboot…yeah, I enjoyed it for what it was, but I ultimately found it a largely forgettable popcorn flick. I can’t really explain why…the characters were all there, and they were all fleshed out as well as Trek characters could’ve been, but…I don’t know. It reminded me of the first Transformers movie: Yeah, it’s a lot of fun to watch while you’re watching it, but once it’s over…who cares anymore? And we’ve already had three recent Star Wars movies that played out that way.


When you watch Abram’s Trek, you’ll find that it reads a lot more like a Star Wars film. Go back and watch, say, Wrath of Khan. It has a distinct “Star Trek" feel to it. It’s more grounded in humanity, deals with the consequences of mankind and modern technology. And that’s been Star Trek's key factor since it's premiere: Mankind “boldly going” into the future.


The reboot, however, lost that. Instead, it was an intergalactic space war against an alien overlord. Our main character was a nobody from a small town who found himself in the middle of said war, met with a wise old mentor, and found the strength inside of himself to defeat evil with the help of his unsuspecting friends. Sound familiar?


Yeah, Abrams has already directed a Star Wars film. He just called it Star Trek. Abrams already admitted that he was never a Trek fan, but was highly influenced by Wars.

This is the reason why I’m terrified of Abrams directing the films. If you gave the movie to a newer director, someone with a vision, someone who didn’t have a formula, we’d be in for a surprise. We would be at the edge of our seats, waiting to see what’s in store for us after all these years. With any luck, we would’ve been able to feel like audiences in 1977 felt when they sat down and watched the original Star Wars.


Instead, we already know what to expect from Episode VII, because…well…because we’ve already seen it.


It’s not a matter of “Oh, I think JJ sucks.” It’s a matter of “JJ’s already done this. Give someone else a chance to surprise us.”

And that’s just DJC’s two cents.

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Meet Mistah Tree!

Guys, I have done practically nothing for DJC’s first Christmas. I’m remarkably disappointed in myself, but I’ll be damned if Christmas rolls around and I don’t show off my pathetic little Mini-Tree!


Meet “Mistah Tree.” He was a 1940s gangster from LA who, during a shoot out, was mortally wounded and used black magic to transfer his soul into a miniature Christmas tree. Like Chucky, only transferring your soul into a doll at least makes a little bit of sense.

He can’t speak, but I can tell he’s furious about me decorating him with multicolored light and various Christmas ornaments. But, since he literally cannot do anything about it, he’s just going to have to live with the holiday cheer I’m putting him through.


The real reason for the obnoxious white fedora/8-bit sunglasses combo is actually quite simple: I didn’t have a star for the top of this stupid little tree. And, you know, there are few things more depressing than a bald Christmas tree. Using my quick wit and MacGyver-like sense of improvisation, I haphazardly grabbed a hat and shades and transformed this 5 dollar holiday prop into a legitimate character. Will he return next year?

Well…probably. I mean, he’s a tree. He ain’t going anywhere.

But you’re not interested in a sentient-yet-not-sentient tree, right? Nay, you’re here for his accessories! Let’s check them out, shall we? Starting with the blurriest:


When I was a kid growing up, I was obsessed with Hot Wheels. In retrospect, I’m not sure why. I’m not a real big car guy, and I don’t remember having a fascination with cars as a wee little tot. Maybe it was just watching things on wheels go really really fast on bright orange tracks?

Yeah, that must be it.

Anyway, every year, my parents got me a new Hot Wheels ornament to hang on the tree with care. And this one completely stole the show. It had an actual car on those actual all-too-familiar orange tracks. This ornament spoke to me as a kid, and it’s still one of my favorites today. I want to make a Hot Wheels track now…you know they have tracks that go on the walls now?! I didn’t know this, but I kind of need them ASAP!

This is an unofficial Chewbacca ornament, and it’s not the best paint job ever, but who cares? Chewbacca is my favorite Star Wars character, bar none. And no Christmas is complete without him. Why? Because of

Best Christmas tradition ever.

Christmas doesn’t exist without the Peanuts gang. 

No, I’m dead serious. How can you celebrate the holidays without hearing “Linus and Lucy”, or without watching Charlie Brown almost kill a nearly-dead tree, or without seeing Snoopy and Woodstock in adorable winter fashion carrying a pine tree?

The Peanuts are Christmas, in my opinion. I grew up watching the special(s) and reading the Christmas arcs in the funnies. It’s just…it’s Charlie Brown and the Peanuts!

I chose this ornament in particular because it’s the only one that has both Snoopy and Woodstock. And, my oh my, do I love Woodstock.

Once upon a time, there was a little…place…was it a church?…or maybe it was a high school?…I actually don’t remember, but there was a place that held amazing craft fairs every year in November. And they would sell all sorts of amazing things that other people have slaved over, and I would beg my mom for literally everything.

This ornament is one such treasure. It’s a lightbulb painted to look like The Grinch. And it’s so beautiful.

Guys, I love The Grinch. The story itself is alright, and the animated short is another amazing Christmas tradition, but I just love the look of The Grinch. He’s this big, furry dude who’s just head-to-toe green! And once he dons that bright red Santa suit, he just looks so damn awesome.

Fun fact: I have three different pairs of Grinch pajama pants. Yup. You didn’t need to know that, but I told you anyway.

Geeze, why did these photos come out so damn dark…?

Charmander was, is, and always will be my favorite Pokemon. I think, if you’re a Pokefan, especially growing up in the late 90s/early 2000s, your very first starter Pokemon always ends up being your favorite. Charmander was mine, just because he had the coolest design. And…guys, it turned into an obsession. Plushies, toys, stickers, cards, candy dispensers, keychains, T-shirts, baseball caps, notebooks, anything and everything I could find that had Charmander on it, I needed to own.

This ornament was no exception.

The best part about this ornament is that my parents got it for me without asking me anything about Pokemon! They didn’t know a Caterpie from a Moltres, yet they still knew that Charmander was my favorite.

I swear, I jumped up and down for five minutes after opening this crazy thing on Christmas morning. Good times, Charmander. Good times.

Ah, and here it is. My favorite Christmas ornament of all time. A holiday-themed Magic Schoolbus, complete with a “Mrs. Claus” Ms. Frizzle.

Guys…The Magic Schoolbus. If you ever watched the show, you know why it makes me so damn happy. Back when kids shows (like, you know, actual kid’s shows) weren’t afraid to get educational, but also weren’t afraid to star a sentient school bus that can transform into various different shapes via either witchcraft or advanced robotics.

I don’t even know what else to say about this thing. I feel like my words would just ruin the moment. So I’ll just let you guys marvel.

So that’s my…like, only Christmas post of the year! Next time you guys hear from me, I’ll be doing something for New Years! What will it be? I have no idea It’s a surprise!

So Merry Christmas, my awesome followers! May your days be merry and bright and all that jazz!

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Steve visits Prieh’s Hobby Shop!

I haven’t legitimately updated this blog in about a month. I guess I haven’t had any reason to. Yeah, there are a few fun Christmassy things I could write about, or a movie I could review, but I’ve been running on empty for these past few weeks. I feel like, once Christmas is over, I’ll actually have more time/energy to write decent articles.

That being said, I’m dusting off Double Jump Company tonight for one reason: a tiny little treasure trove called Prieh’s Hobby Shop.

I was drawn in with the promise of Marvel Comics. I mean, when I’m driving down a nearly-deserted little road in the middle of the country, and a giant sign with Spider-Man on it enters my field of vision, it’s an involuntary reflex that my body instantly stops the car and walks towards the promised land.

This place looked to be about 80 billion years old, and their “Marvel Comic & Card Headquarters” motif was plastered everywhere. This wasn’t just a selling point. This was a promise. You wanted Marvel stuff? Prieh’s Hobby Shop was the place to go!


To say this place was like the epicenter of an explosion created by Horders Anonymous would be an understatement. I literally had no clue where to start at this place. There were crates and crates piled up to the ceiling, packed with a hodgepodge of stuff, just everywhere. Random toys, mostly broken, were scattered around on tables and counter tops. Half-completed model cars and tattered Yu-Gi-Oh cards settled down where ever they felt comfortable. This was the opposite of organized chaos: Prieh’s Hobby Shop was unorganized harmony.

I didn’t have much time to explore this frazzled little roadside store, but what I did find was nothing short of magical. I mean, guys…this sort of place is exactly why I started writing DJC articles in the first place.

Obviously, the first place I went to was the comic book rack. Because, you know, Prieh, whoever he/she/it is, promised me a plethora of Marvel merchandise  What I got instead was rows and rows of Shonen Jump magazines from the early 2000s, all prominently featuring a certain spiky-haired duel master on their covers. There were also Dungeons and Dragons books, comic book sleeves, and a Captain Underpants comic thing. But still no sign of anything bearing the Marvel logo. So I moved onward.

Guys, there were so many toys. Like, this is literally just the tip of the iceberg. Most of them were old wrestlers or Spawn toys, but a few choice DBZ figures were around. And, look, an actual Marvel action figure!

Oh wait. Is that Storm? Dammit. I hate Storm. Moving on…

This was an entire shelf dedicated to Star Wars toys.

No lie, folks, I think Prieh’s should’ve had C-3PO or Boba Fett on their sign instead of Spidey. There was so much Star Wars stuff in this place. At least five different Jabba the Hutts, a couple of enormous AT-ATs, a few amazingly-detailed podracers. This was a sort of Star Wars treasure trove, and it was awesome.

So, yeah, plenty of Vaders and Han Solos, but the only Marvel thing I’ve seen thus far is that crappy Storm toy. Onward!

I will never doubt that Prieh’s is a hobby shop. There were so many coins there, guys. So. Many. Coins. 

And the model cars? There were even more model car boxes than there were coins. Like…so many. An overwhelming amount. It was kind of crazy. Obviously, there’s no market for these things, otherwise there wouldn’t be as many. I felt bad for the older dude working there. It looked like he was trying to make a model car. But if he was planning on making all of the model cars he had in his shop…well, he was gonna be there a while.

Still that Secret of NIMH lunchbox kind of stole my heart…

Trading cards. 

Guys, this picture doesn’t do anything any justice. This was an entire table, and aside from a few random odds and ends, it was just completely packed with trading cards. Nothing new, either. I mean, there were original Return of the Jedi booster packs chilling there. Honestly, if I invested any time looking through these cards, I probably could’ve found one that cost a pretty penny. 

However, I didn’t look through them. There were so many. It was just so intimidating. I’d be there all week.

Rounding a dark corner, stepping over boxes of hand-me-down Boy Scouts uniforms and vampire magazines, I stumbled across an area that must not have been touched in over a decade. Genesis games consumed most of the case, but PS1 and NES games managed to squeeze in, as well. 

Man, guys, I seriously want a Genesis again. Some of my favorite old-school games were on that console. Does anyone want to be awesome and get me one for Christmas? Thank you in advance, and you may message me for my shipping address.


I have some sort of otherworldly connection to pins. I’m constantly drawn to them, no matter where I’m at. Record stores, comic cons, and now, apparently, old hobby shops. I cannot escape them and their tiny hypnotic ways.

Sadly, with barely a penny to my name, I wasn’t able to purchase any this time around. Which, I mean, was still alright by me. For the first time in recent history, there wasn’t a single pin I was even interested in buying. A sign of the end times? I think so.

This box was the end all/be all for me. So many action figures, haphazardly tossed into a cardboard box like an actual garage sale. Wolverine, Hopper, some sort of badass dragon…and Spider-Man! Even though this was Spider-Man back when he was cursed by some villain the world has forgotten about, and he was actually more spider than man. I mean…the story arc itself may have been rubbish, but you can’t deny that it makes for a pretty sweet action figure!

That was the only Spider-Man related thing I saw inside Prieh’s Hobby Shop that day. A hobby shop, may I remind you, that had a giant sign that looked like this:

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Steve Goes to China Capital Arts: “I Just Wanted Everything”

Like many middle-class suburbanites, I have a mall near my house. It’s an absolute waste of space, and unless you’re a junior high student or a mall-walker there is literally no reason to go there. There used to be a bookstore there that I would hide out in for hours on end. That place is now gone because America hates books. Now I’m left with smelly Hollister stores and a food court that is trying desperately (and failing) to be healthy. 

So what could’ve possibly pulled me out of my air-conditioned The First 48 marathon and into this toilet? 

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you…China Capital Arts. 

Every single mall in the world needs a store like this. A store where nerds from all walks of life and stroll in and gaze upon the merchandise from a culture far more bizarre than our own. A store where underage children can purchase a katana with their birthday money, because why the hell not? A store where college kids with long, greasy hair and pathetic-looking goatees can browse body pillows with scantily-clad Officer Jennys on them. Yes, this place goes beyond being a store: it’s a sanctuary.

It came out of nowhere. Trust me, had I known this store was being brought to my sad excuse for a mall, I would’ve camped out in anticipation for opening day. And, honestly, I really don’t know why. I’m not huge into Japanese culture; I’m not even the world’s biggest anime fan. So why do I love this store so much?

Well, first off, because the front window proudly displayed Mario, Pokemon, and Dragonball Z stuff. And an R2-D2, for reasons that intrigue me.

Secondly, just look at the inside!

It’s filled to the brim with stuff! It felt more like a museum than a store. I literally spent two hours there today, just browsing around the various things that was crammed into this tiny little outlet-sized store. Granted, they didn’t have everything an Asian-themed store could offer, but they were pretty damn close.

You’ve been reading my blog for a while (maybe). You know I love Kingdom Hearts. It’s one of my favorite games of all time. And CCA had this absolutely-orgasmic collection of Kingdom Hearts memorabilia that caused me to unintentionally drool all over the glass. I just wanted everything.

…I actually think that should be the subtitle of this article.

Steve Goes to China Capital Arts: “I Just Wanted Everything”

It’s insanely accurate.

And there’s Pokemon! A ton of Pokemon stuff! Like, a Pokepalooza! It’s making my inner 8-year-old jump up and down with glee.

And Mario and Zelda and DBZ and Totoro

It’s actually really weird, because outside of CCA I have very little interest in this kinda stuff. I mean, it’ll always be knocking around the back of my mind. I do run a nostalgia blog, after all, and Sonic games are pretty nostalgic for me. 

But once I enter the walls of CCA, any and all shame I have vanishes in a puff of animated smoke, complete with a “POOF!” effect. The store is hypnotic, y’all. It’s so hypnotic that I just typed the wordphrase “y’all” for the first time in my life. It makes no sense!

Of course, every store like this one needs a wall of extremely dangerous weapons.

Most of these are katanas (I think…?), but they also have throwing stars, nunchucks, brass knuckles, comically-oversized knives…if those Florida zombies ever make their way to Michigan, I know where I’m building my shelter.

Oh, and they have Keyblades.

And they’re so beautiful and I want one to the point where I’m actually on a black market website right now, putting my kidney up for sale.

Of course, there are other things adorning the store that aren’t as nerdy. They still sell more traditional souvenirs for tourists, including little Buddha statues, waving “good luck cats”, and pots of bamboo. And dragons with swords. You’d be surprised how many nerds love dragons with swords.


What kind of place would CCA be if they didn’t sell the entire Asian food section of Meijer right next to their register? None of it looks particularly appetizing, with the obvious exception of Pocky. Don’t label me, internet people, I love me some Pocky!

After two hours of looking around and taking random pictures, I got the feeling that I was frightening the Japanese manager girl. So I sadly to leave this land of magic and wonder and dragged myself back into the gross insides of the mall.

I’m poor (fun fact: Steve is always poor), but one day I’ll go back to China Capital Arts and buy a sword. And some Pokemon toys. And a Kingdom Hearts statue. And a Sonic keychain. And a Trunks figurine. And this Sackboy pillow…

Because WHY NOT?!

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May Madness Day 2: Steve’s Stop at a Comic Book Shop!

(The title rhymes, you see.)

Hey, all!

…this is kinda weird, doing an article instead of a video. But I just need to remind myself that I literally just got home after leaving for work at 10am, so maybe writing an article instead of editing a video ain’t so bad.

Today is Wednesday, so I went to pick up some comics, right? Only today I didn’t go to my regular stop. No, instead I went to this mysterious little hole-in-the-wall joint that I pass every single day. I’ve only been inside once or twice, but it never ceases to blow my freaking mind!

See all this stuff? Those are all toys. Just…old, retro-tastic toys covering an entire wall of this place! While it’s not as huge or insane as Flipside Records, it’s still a pretty impressive collection. I mean, you should see their Star Wars merch! So many wonderful 90s-style Original Trilogy stuff! The stuff of my childhood! All right there in front of me! Ahhh…the good ol’ days…

Oh, and then there’s this: an original Kerner X-Wing toy from the 70s. Take that home and chew it!

Oh…look down there…yup, those are…there

…let’s move on.

There are just so many superhero toys here…so many…and I know people who would kill to have some of these! Unfortunately, whenever I walk into this place, it’s always completely empty except for the older gent who owns it. I always feel bad whenever I walk in there and see this madhouse of nostalgia just sitting there. It’s like going to an awesome garage sale and being their only customer.

Do you like Dragonball Z? If you’re a dude who grew up in the late 90s/early 2000s, then you’ve already answered “yes” about six times. Well, this place had a bunch of those “four episodes per disk” DVDs. Even back then, these were a complete rip-off. Why pay $20 for four episodes when you could’ve just gotten a blank tape and recorded as many episodes as you wanted right from Toonami?

Well, hey, this place knows how stupid these DVDs are. So they’re on sale. For 50 cents each.

Fifty freaking cents.

You could seriously own the entire Cell Saga (aka the best one) for 10 bucks! I was insanely tempted, you guys have no idea…

One day I’m going to do an entire article about how much I love the first two Alien movies. Until then, marvel at this retro Ripley action figure from 1986 1992 (Thanks Jared XD). Then ask yourself why I didn’t buy it. But don’t ask me, because I wouldn’t know and instantly regret it.

These are trading cards. Like…holy crap, a ton of them! They have those “Fossil Pokemon” cards, Small Soldiers cards, Batman Returns cards…I have no clue why anyone would want them now, but I still applaud this place for trying to bring the TCG fad back.

I don’t think I was old enough to beg my parents to get me themed cereals with prizes on the outside. Even if I was, I wasn’t a big enough Addams Family or Bill and Ted fan as a kid, so I wouldn’t have wanted these. Last time I was here (like, 40 bajillion years ago) they had a whole row of Ninja Turtles cereal with character bowls! And, oh how I wanted them. Now, however, they’re nowhere to be found. I hope whoever got them was happy…and didn’t try to eat the cereal. 30-year-old bits of sugared grains don’t tend to sit well.

After I purchased my comics, I decided to support this old fella’s business by also buying a rather kick-ass poster of my two favorite Marvel heroes, Spider-Man and Daredevil.

Yeah…I made the right choice.

See you all tomorrow!

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Toy Tuesday #1: Random White Drawer (part 2)

Aaaand welcome back! Let’s continue!

Pokemon Toys

Like every other child on the face of this planet, I had dozens of these toys as a kid. I had about four versions of the Charmander family and at least fifteen different Pikachus. All that I have left in this drawer are these five.

And what a strange Pokemon team…tell me, how far do you think I would get using only a team consisting of Weezing, Arcanine, Zapdos, Onix, and Hypno?

Halloween Decorations

Last Halloween was one of the best Halloweens of my life. I went all out, going to haunted houses, watching every scary movie I could find, and critiquing Halloween stores across the state. I recorded my epic Halloween in the “Beta” version of this blog, but it was sadly deleted.

If you managed to read it at all before it was forever erased from existence (sob…), you might recognize these guys. And you can bet I’ll be pulling them back out once the leaves start turning again later this year.

Mini Bobbleheads            

Not much to say about these guys. One is from Big Boy, the other is Puss-in-Boots. They’re both pretty cool (I love bobbleheads), but not necessarily anything I can write about in depth. I mean…their heads bobble. It’s cool. You’ve seen it all before. Moving on.

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Action Figures (IN BOX!)

There was a time when I thought these figures would be worth a crapton of money. After all, they were Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader from Revenge of the Sith! How awesome, right?!

Sadly, a quick trip to eBay tells me that they’re worth about ten bucks each.

I wanted to open them up so badly at one point, but now I don’t even care. May as well leave them unopened for a few more years and see if my luck won’t change.

Reader’s Digest Binoculars

I like to think that every child had a really cheap pair of binoculars. I mean…didn’t you? Why wouldn’t you? I just thought it was a given. You had a ball of some kind, you had Legos, and you had a pair of binoculars.

These were from Reader’s Digest Magazine. I can only assume I mailed away for them and then my parents had to pay for them once they actually got shipped to my house. I did that a lot when I was a kid. And I regret nothing.

Mini Sword-Kirby Plush

I think I got this little guy from “Japan” in Epcot, Disney World. I love Kirby. Always have ever since he kicked ass in the original Smash Bros. I dunno, he’s cool. And adorable. And he’s a cosplayer. What’s not to love?

A Motorola Razr

OK, not technically a “toy”, but it was in the drawer. And since it did to cell phones what PT Cruisers did to cars (become a huge fad for about a month), just about everyone had one. It was such a big deal and they were so cool and so thin!

Nowadays, we have laptops thinner than this. Oh well…not sure why I kept it…

Wolverine Happy Meal Toy

Guys, this thing was freaking awesome. One of the coolest Happy Meal toys I ever got. Like, OK, there’s Wolverine, right? I’m not the biggest fan of Wolverine, but he’s pretty awesome. So this toy has him growling at you, his fists clenched. No big deal, right?

Well, a little switch is protruding from his spine. Flip it…


Oh, come on! That’s awesome! Don’t you lie to me!

There was more stuff in the drawer, but none of it was terribly exciting, I’m exhausted, and you’re all bored. See you next Tuesday!

…wow, that phrase is slang for a very naughty word…I clearly didn’t think this through…oh well.

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